Still Curious?

Here are some questions I find myself answering quite often

  • What, did you win the lottery or something?  (I’ve realized this is the most polite way people can find to really ask,
    How the hell are you going to afford that?!
    Of course I didn’t win the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play!  Instead I put my money into the Freedom Fund, and I feel like I’ve won the lottery every time I make a deposit, even if it’s just a dollar.   Soon enough the Freedom Fund will be our own little windfall, but we won’t have to pay taxes on it!  We also stopped consuming and sold everything we owned to help beef up the Freedom Fund.  We plan on working in exchange for a place to camp and to find work when we need money.  It also helps that we will not be spending anywhere near as much money as people assume travel has to cost.
    If you’d like to learn more about living debt free, you can read this article I wrote for our website, Life By Your Own Rules
  • When are you leaving?
    The plan is April 2013 –
    but we are totally loving that we have the freedom to leave whenever we feel like we’ve finally had enough!
  • So you’re moving to Mexico?
    I’m not sure why this has stuck in so many people’s heads.  Yes, Tom and I reconnected in Mexico and it was definitely the spark that lit up our plans, but we are not moving to Mexico.  We are going to travel.  We don’t really know where we are going, we have a few points to hit on the map but we are happy to not have an itinerary.From ZenHabits, this totally sums up how I envision life after this 9-5:
    “As things arise, you adapt, and let go of your plans and goals. You move with the flow of water, with the changing landscape. You are free to do this because you don’t care where you end up — you just want to be present in your journey, be compassionate with each step, have fun each moment along the way. The destination becomes irrelevant.  No destination or goal matters if they are all good. Each step along the way, then, becomes the destination, and is exactly where you should be.”
    You can see a map of our route traveled and where we think we might go at The Route Traveled.
  • How long will you be gone?
    Forever!  Really, we don’t expect to ever move back to RI.
    We hope to find a place we never want to leave, when we do, we’ll be done.
  • Do you speak Spanish?
    Well, uh, not quite – but we’re learning!  Anyone who wants to help with that, is MORE than welcomed!
  • How will you go to the bathroom?
    Ummm, the same way you do?  When you travel, you don’t use the bathroom?
    I will recommend a P-Style for any girls who would rather pee in a bush than a public bathroom – but this is as much of an answer as I can give for this question.

  • You’re going to hate it.
    I can only assume the people who say this are Sensors.  At least it makes me feel better to think these people could never imagine this to be fun because it’s not their personality.  It helps me to know they are different from me, which helps me not freak out because 20 people told me today that this is a horrible idea and I will hate it after a week.  I know me and Tom, and this is right up our ally, we will thrive in this type of lifestyle and that’s all we need to know.
    (We all have one of 16 personalities, if you would like to find your personality type and learn more about what each type means, you can read about that here.)
I’m sure there are more questions to be answered… If you have one, please leave a comment or email me –
I will respond with an answer and if the questions becomes popular, I will add it to this page!

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