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Out with the New, In with the Old

After my fretting about the Jeep,
Tom agreed that we should look for a new vehicle.

Weeks of researching and test driving
narrowed our choices down to:
’04 4Runners w. about 90-120k for $10-11,000
’04 Pathfinders w. about 90k for $9-10,000.

At the end of one particularly long day of shopping, we stumbled upon a 98 Pathfinder with 49k for $5,800.  We drove it and liked it but still continued on to the next dealership where we test drove an ’03 Pathfinder (90k for $10,000) that we fell in love with; we decided that was the one!  We were so excited… but we just couldn’t make the numbers work once we sat down with the dealer, so we left.  On our 2 hour ride home we had plenty of time to talk about what just happened, and the numbers, why weren’t they working?

It was like a switch was flipped and we suddenly saw the numbers for what they were – ridiculous.

For 7 months we had planned on taking the Jeep, the paid-off Jeep, now we were ready to give all our cash to someone for another vehicle?

Let’s think about this more.
The more we talked, the more we realized the 98 was our car.

Here’s why:

  1. She is black with gray interior – the Jeep is white and it seemed like every other car we tested was gold with tan, neither of which we wanted.
  2. Leather seats – there’s something about watching a shirtless, sweaty Tom sit on the Jeep’s cloth seats that just grosses me out!
  3. Not only are the seats leather, but they’re also power and heated – two things that mean a lot to my comfort!
  4. Sunroof!!
  5. If the sticker hadn’t told us she was a ’98 we wouldn’t have known, this thing is cherry!
  6. All that for half the amount of miles and half the amount of money as all the rest – it was kinda a no-brainer!

So we did it!  After taxes, registration and inspection, the money we’ll get for selling my car and the Jeep, the money I am no longer paying on a car note, and the money we’re saving on insurance – we’re actually making $2700 on the deal!

That’s what I call an upgrade!

If you want to read more about how we made her ours,
you can find it here: Gwendlyn.

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