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Gettin’ the F Outta Dodge

It goes around in a big circle and there is seemingly no escape.  But I am going to get out, if I want to come back I will; but for now, I need to get the fuck outta dodge.

Luckily Romney didn’t win but that’s really the only positive in this.  The corporations are still in charge.  Prop 37 in CA, demanding GMO foods to be labeled, failed.  I can’t wrap my head around why when someone had a choice, to say “Yes” or “No” on something as simple as a label but as profound as the right to know what we’re eating, they could choose to stay in the dark.

I thought a lot about giving up my citizenship when we leave but without a new home in mind, it’s not worth it.  Who knows if when I do have a new home in mind, it won’t be in the States.  I can’t call it, all I know is that I will be unplugged from this “reality” because it makes me sad.  I have a lot of fight in me but sometimes I get tired and wonder if I’m making any difference at all.

Freedom is just around the corner, and I will take responsibility for my own happiness.

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