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Nitty Gritty

There is so much to do to get ready to leave, I can’t believe it!

First and foremost we had to design the storage space in Gwen and do all the work.  I also need to prepare for what we are bringing; making the tough decisions and then trying to fit it all.  I have been back and forth to the same 3 stores for bins and other organizational items; I bring them home, fit them in the truck, fit our stuff into them, return them, start all over again.  “7 inches!” has been my mantra as that is the hight of the 2nd shelf where the bins will be.  In this realm I am also repacking things like Tom’s test strips (I can fit 3 bottles of strips into 1!), personal care products, and my spices.  I want to take so many spices but some I only need a little bit and others I need more than a jar.  It helps that for the last year I have been washing out and saving every empty container that comes through the house!
Because we will not have an address any longer I want to be sure our junk mail (catalogs and such) wouldn’t continue to be delivered to the house so I have been calling on each piece we receive and asking them to stop.  I had no idea how much junk mail we were actually getting until I started doing this!
I also need to be sure all my financial accounts are set up for e-statements and that they have Tom’s parents’ address for necessary mail (new cards or tax statements).
I am making notes in my calendar for future things like taxes so I can be sure I remember everything (all W2’s, donations, etc.) when the time comes.  I also need to note insurance, card, etc. expirations because I assume I will lose track of time and the “real” world once traveling.
I wanted to consolidate my 401ks to just one high-interest account for safe keeping; this took more time than expected and a few more trips to the bank for the paperwork, rollovers and deposits.
I am scanning all of my pictures and the greeting cards that I have been saving since my teens; I don’t want to store them and I certainly don’t want to get rid of them!  This is taking an awful long time but I think it’ll be totally worth it in the end, all organized by date and only a click away!  Plus it’s fun to go back through all this stuff I haven’t looked at in years.  It’s also very emotional, it makes the whole being-away-from-everyone-I-love so real :/
We are also planning yard sales for every weekend so I am cleaning and tagging everything we’re not bringing and our house is set up like a shop with tables of items everywhere!  The extra visual clutter is not helping keep me organized!
There are repairs and upgrades for Gwen that require her being dropped off for a day or two at a time which I need to work around not having a car and not being able to do any of my own mods or fittings.
I have been researching other overlanders’ blogs and making notes of misc. information and trying to prepare for all circumstances (silly!).   Luckily I have plenty of time for this while at work 😉

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  1. Carol Sanderson

    Hey, Sara, Where are you guys now? Are you back in the East? BRRRR!!!! Hope not!!! I DO NOT ENVY YOU AT ALL!!! Of course, you are YOUNG!!! Ahhh youth. Good luck and keep me posted… LOVE hearing from you!!! Carol

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