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I just submitted payment for the 2013 Overland Expo!

This means a few things:

  1. We just spent a(nother) shit load of money
  2. We are now committed to our 1st event of the trip!
  3. We have to be in AZ on May 16th
  4. I’ve officially quit planning

Yup –  Me, Sara, Queen of Preparations has decided to stop planning!

To all my non-overlanding readers, I know this sounds crazy; how could I think about leaving without any planning!?  Please know Tom and I have done extensive planning for this.  We will continue to research and learn about where we might go, what we should know, and how to stay safe and healthy; I’ve just decided we don’t need to spend any more money on gear until we know exactly what we want – and I am convinced, we won’t know what we want until we are on the road wanting it.

This excites me!  I struggle with it, yes.  I am not sure how to pack without knowing what is being packed.  I would feel more comfortable spending money now while we are making it.  Mostly, I just like to be prepared so I struggle with sitting idly as the days tick by.  I fear we will run out of time and wish we had done more.  But really, I know this is silly.  Be prepared for what?  I am confident that in the month of travel before the Expo we will get an idea of what we want out of our gear.  I hope that between what we learn at the Expo and on the road, by the time we reach the border we’ll have all  right stuff.

Worry free.  Riding the wave of life because I know it will all be just how it should be.

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