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Tom and I both have great memories of McMenamin’s in Oregon, we’ve talked about them together and could never tell if we’re talking about the same place or not.
We weren’t.
We spent Sunday morning at Tom’s McMenamin’s (Edgefield), we had breakfast and explored the grounds.

The garden at Edgefield

We left there and visited my McMenamin’s (Kennedy School).

Kennedy School

If you’ve ever visited McMenamin’s you know that there is a fine line between a day trip and an overnight stay.  We were reaching the latter.
With 200 miles til the next camp, we decided to book a room at Edgefield.

More beer, more pizza, more beer, some mushrooms, and lots of soaking all lead to not being able to make checkout.
Like at all.
We booked another night and slept til Noon.
We wandered around, checked out the glass blower, did a lot more soaking, more pizza, more mushrooms, but so tired we crashed and were asleep by 9pm.
Around 3:30 in the morning there was a knock on our door, security wanted to know if that was our Pathfinder in the lot that was running?  WTF?!  That was a huge OOPS!

Soaking, and drinking. X infinity
Wandering around in our robes – it’s totally normal here!

I took full advantage of the luxury shower and a clean, fluffy robe.
I was going to get our money’s worth from this stay.
Although when presented the bill I had the sudden urge to steal something very expensive because the robe didn’t justify the $400 tab.  *GULP*

But this soaking pool kinda does 😉

So on to free camp it is.
Except, that turned out to be a parking lot and it was POURING rain and there was the cutest little motel up the road for only $40…

I mean, come on! You should have seen the alternative, you would’ve done the same thing!

OK, seriously.
I need dry land and I need to stop the hemorrhaging.
We drove 5 hours, into California.
Growing up on the East Coast I know CA is warm and sunny all year round.
(Just like Alaska is next to Hawaii.)
It’s cheap too, right?

The West Coast!!

We ended this leg at Rockefeller Forest, fitting don’t you think?

I’m just learning, right this very second, that it is not “Rockafella” like we say it back East!?


2 thoughts on “Rockafella”

  1. Glad you are finally sharing. I didn’t know about Edgefield…still in Portland? Looks beautiful! Also never told me about the running Pathfinder.???

    1. I think we tried to forget about that as soon as we shut the truck off. 🙁
      Edgefield is within 20 minutes from Kennedy School, maybe even closer, I can’t remember exactly but it wasn’t far at all. But it was bigger and different than Kennedy School, you should visit next time you’re out there!

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