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Skipping Ahead


As some of you know, this blog started in 2012 with a new relationship and a plan to travel full-time for an undetermined amount of time.

As even less of you know, the few posts that have appeared here were written way past the actual day they happened, years even!

It was just way hard to write on the road, and when we settled into a new life we got busy with a whole new adventure.

Every now and again someone will tell me how much they enjoy the blog and wonder how to bridge the gap between the last post they read and whatever point they met me at (“Last I read, you were in Montana in 2012, it’s now 2017 and you’re here in Las Vegas…?”).

This will prompt a bunch of memories along the timeline, and I remember that I still have a whole lot of ground to cover to catch my readers up.

It just seems so daunting

But that’s my OCD-ish ways.
Like, this blog cannot exists in the Now because it has not yet relayed the Past.

I’ve thought about skipping ahead for years now.

What would that look like?

Shut the hell up, brain and just do it already!

Maybe skipping ahead will inspire me to skip back and tell the whole story

or maybe I’ll just sidetrack myself as necessary to catch you up on an as-needed basis… who knows?

Not I!

Let’s do it, let’s see where we go



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