The Journey Thus Far


(as of March 7, 2014)

Las Vegas, NV – USA

Our own home on the Tres Hermanas Ranch

Working as Caretakers on a private horse ranch.
Collecting a paycheck and enjoying benefits such as health & dental and a 2-bed house with a garage and pool!


Days Since Departure:

Miles Driven:

Gas Money:

Unexpected Vehicle Repairs/Maintenance:
Rotate & balance tires + alignment while loaded
Transmission flush and filter change, leak repaired
Installed heavy-duty rear shocks
Fuel system cleaning
Installed airbags
New front breaks
New O2 sensor
Removed the resonator and replaced missing tailpipe (lil too steep and fast down a hill once Haha)
Replaced bad manifold
Replaced windshield (for free!)
Replaced new windshield 2 days later (for free again!)
New front passenger’s-side axel assembly due to ripped boot*
Replaced bad thermostat
Replaced knock sensor
New front driver’s-side axel assembly
Given 5 new A/T tires, needed new rims and front-end leveling spacers
*Denotes most interesting approach to a repair – post to follow

US States Visited:

US National Parks Visited:
Badlands, NM
Carlsbad Cavern, NM
Grand Canyon, AZ
Petrified Forrest, AZ
Saguaro, AZ
Zion, UT*
Everglades, FL
Great Smokey Mountains, NC & TN*
Rocky Mountains, CO
Yellowstone, WY & MT*
Grand Teton, WY
Glacier, MT*
Joshua Tree, CA
Redwood, CA*
Sequoia, CA
*So hard to pick just one favorite!

International Borders Crossed:

Nights spent in
The Coleman:
The Eureka:
The EeziAwn:
Under a Roof:

Nights Spent Sleeping
For Free:
For Fare:
(So our 3 nights in an all-inclusive resort in Cabo skewed our average here;
it was $785 total – no, we don’t wonder why we’re broke)
(With Cabo our nightly average was $18.13, without Cabo it was $14.45)

Pulled over by Police:
3 (all Tom)

Military Checkpoints:
(3 inspections, 2 with dogs)

Attempts at Extortion:

Fines Paid:


2 thoughts on “The Journey Thus Far

  1. I have a prediction to make – ‘Attempts at Extortion’ and ‘Fines Paid’ will increase dramatically south of the border… Well at least ‘Attempts at Extortion’. Just remember the line ¿Dónde está tu jefe?

    1. Ha! I do too! That’s a good line, but I’ve heard if you pretend you don’t speak Spanish they can’t get very far with you (assuming they don’t speak English!) Receipt, receipt, receipt!

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