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How do you pack for life?
And how do you fit it all into an SUV?!
And then how do you organize it to be used daily? !?

Fitting all this in is challenging to say the least – but I do love a challenge, especially when it comes to organizing!

Below is everything we brought with us, click on the picture to find the item on Amazon.
(Full disclosure: we are part of the Amazon Affiliate program so anytime you click to Amazon through this site
and make a purchase we will get a small kick-back 🙂 )

We use this for everything, GPS included.  But not Siri, never, ever Siri.

Bluetooth Radio
Gotta have music!  We can play Pandora or our iPod and the GPS through the radio.  I love it!

We chose the fridge over a cooler for a number of reasons;
basically we thought it might be difficult to find ice all the time,
the cost of ice over a year would be equal to the fridge,
the cleanliness of the fridge won out over the melted ice in the cooler, also the freezing function was plus.

Edgestar 43 QT Portable Fridge/Freezer

400 watt. Inverter
To run the fridge and charge the electronics.

Optima Blue-Top battery
As an auxiliary battery to run all that’s plugged into the inverter.

This is a 36 oz dry cooler for all our food.

Water Purifier
We chose this one based on convenience of use and the filter will last us 6 years!
Life Straw Family

For our clothes
We each have a 20” & 18″ folder, a cube, and a sack

Eagle Creek travel gear

We also each have a backpack

Gregory Maya 18 and Miwok 18

2 compression sacks
One for dirty laundry the other for our beach towels

Eagle Creek Pack It Compression Sacs


Slim and fast-drying.  We each have a large for a towel and a small for a wash cloth

Packtowl Personal Ultra-Soft Towel

I bought these to help save room in our toiletry bags, they have a refillable toothpaste tube in the handle of the brush.
I also bought 6 packs of floss from them because it was cheaper than Crest (I’m kinda a floss freak)

Toob Refillable Travel Toothbrush

Draws & Bins
In the back of the 2nd shelf we have a storage bin of not frequently used items (spare toothpaste, razors, etc.)
Then lining the front we each have a draw of kitchen items and one junk draw of frequently used items
(zip-ties, duct tape, bandaids, flashlights, candles, bug spray, etc.)

Camp Chairs
Right now we have chairs that I bought for $10 at Walmart 4 years ago, we’ll probably buy new ones at some point.

Small End Table
REI Camp Table

Large Table
REI Roll-top Table

The Eureka
For living

Eureka Grand Manan Tour

UPDATE July 2013: We have shipped the Eureka to store at Tom’s parents’ house until we are settled and need a place to live 🙂

The Coleman
For camping

For swinging, or sleeping when a tent isn’t an option

Eagles Nest Outfitters doublenest and singlenest hammocks.

With our hammocks we each also have
a bug net

Eagles Nest Guardian bug net

and straps for easy hanging

Eagles Nest Slap Strap Pro

Camp rugs
Camp is so much more cozy with carpeting!

Air mattresses – yes, ‘es’ as in 2, but it’s 2-in-1!
A double-high queen bed for the Eureka and a single-high for the Coleman.
We also keep the sheets on the mattress when we deflate so they are kept in the carrying sack and a pair set in the attic

Intex queen Deluxe Framed Airbed

UPDATE July 2013: These have been shipped with the Eureka for storage.

Sleeping bag
We sleep with a set of sheets and use this as a comforter –
neither of us have even been too keen sleeping in a bag.
I will use this when we are hammock camping.

Coleman Duck Harbor sleeping bag

Fleece sleeping bag
For when it’s too cold for just the bag or when the bag is too warm.
Tom will use this when we are hammock camping.

Much better than the lantern in the tent as it points the light downward.
Stay tuned to see if we add another fan to our arsenal!

Coleman Lighted Tent Fan

Regular bed pillows, more than we should but I refuse to get rid of any

Camp stoveColeman PerfectFlow Instant Start Grill Stove


We each have a cup and a bowl and we have a total of 3 plates

GSI Enemalware


This is a large stainless steel bowl that we use for produce while traveling and we fill it with water when we need a sink.
I’ve heard the debates on sinks – I LOVE THIS BOWL!  I can’t imagine not having it, I use it so often for everything!
When not in use, it is in use as the produce basket.

Camp Shower
We now keep this filled on the back shelf and use it whenever we need running water – I love it!!
We popped a hole in it and quickly replaced it.

Tom’s guitar
Another luxury item that things wouldn’t be the same without.  We have room so it stays.

Tom’s carving tools

Copper enameling supplies
Too many, but we gotta make a living!

as of 7/13

Kiddie Pool
Too many hot Southern days without any water I couldn’t take it any more!
Finally I convinced Tom we could do a pool, then he convinced me to go with the two-ring, 3′ diameter one.  I couldn’t be happier with it!

Eezi-Awn TTop Xclusiv 1600
It wasn’t an easy purchase to make but it sure beats setting up the tent and mattresses!

IronMan Awning 1400
After a couple of months we realized an awning would be great so we went the cheaper route and got the IronMan.
We just installed it and haven’t really had a chance to use it yet as we are visiting with family right now.

Colman Vacuum
This was bought back when we were using the air mattresses because I wanted a vacuum and it was smaller than the pump we already had.  Now that we don’t have the air mattresses, Tom thinks we don’t need it but I can’t give up the vacuum!

Yes, as queer as they are, a sunshade is key to keeping a happy car.  We got the one that folds up to a little disk.

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  1. kobusliferemotely

    Perfect fridge for the trip, we love ours and would not trade it for a different one. We found that the drainage plug in the leaks, seal it up with silicone, it will save you from wet and smelly carpets, we learned the hard way 😉

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