Original Travelog

where it all started

Some of you may be looking for the original content of this blog, from 2012 when I was just waking up to life and all of its possibilities. I decided there must be something more than what I was doing, and that even if society told me otherwise, I was ready to venture out and try to find it!

The following are pages from the original travelog that started the whole concept for this site.

The nature of life is to grow!

About Us (Tom & Sara)

The Truck

The Journey


It Started in Sayulita

Leap and the Net Will Appear

Out with the New, in with the Old

Comfy, Cozy Couch

Gettin the F Outta Dodge


Nitty Gritty



Everything Must Go

Day 1

Relish the Wrong

Overland Expo 2013

Sizzling in the Southwest

Gettin Frisky in the Gulf

Florida: The Final ‘Destination’

Growing Pains

Southern Hospitality

Time for Work

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?


On the Rocks in the Rockies

Yellowstone – Amazingly, Gloriously Wonderful Yellowstone

The Northwet


Skipping Ahead

Today, or Was it Yesterday?

Ok, For Reals This Time